Learn how to experience holistic wellness, that transcends the stress of modern times, by connecting back to traditional healing practices.

Meet the Instructor

Hi! My name is Brandy Falcon, owner of Falcon Healing Arts. I've been helping individuals and families find and maintain wellness naturally for over 2 decades.


I have an extensive background in science as well as Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Whole Food Nutrition, Aromatherapy, and Shamanic studies. This gives me an edge in helping people understand their health issues from both a Western & Eastern perspective.  

I'm best known for helping people:

Release stress & tension 

Improve sleep

Reconnect to nature's rhythms

Balance emotions

Boost immunity

Parent with compassion & empathy

Adopt self-care & self-love practices

Reduce toxins & dependency on pharmaceutical drugs

Trust their intuition 

Become confident self-healers

...and much more!